Saturday, April 07, 2007

'Soft' launch of

This weekend we have opened the doors to, please vist the site as this is where I will be focussing my blogging energy in the approaching months.

Introducing screenedit:
Screenedit is the magic antidote for designer's block. As designers, you understand that interaction design is not about pushing pixels around a screen, it is imperative to 'create a place'. We have created 'a place' for designers to find both inspiration and peer approval. We believe that Screenedit is the only creative network that adds real value. We promise to look at technology objectively and is focus on the people and their philosophies. At its core Screenedit provides an arena to discuss interaction design.

Our goals
We will interview the evangelists of our industry and ask them: 'What does interaction design mean to you?'

We will create a resource that uncovers the meaning of interaction design and user experience.

We will encourage discussion, we believe that everybody's opinion matters.

Be sure to contact us and submit something today!


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