Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tablet pays off!

Last week I completed my first piece of commercial work using my new Toshiba Tablet PC, I have been focussing on generating 'Ideas & Concept' work which is the bit that I really enjoy, with a background in illustration it was only a matter of time before I would make the switch to 'Ink' and there is no looking back, I'm really pleased I opted for the Tablet PC over a Wacom.

Now that the client has approved the concepts, I am pleased to include some images. The process I used involved 'Sketching' in Alias Sketchbook Pro (Image on left). Rendering in Macromedia Flash, (I am still a fan of Flash's ultra-simple vector drawing tools), then laying-up the final artwork in Adobe Illustrator CS (Image on right).

The biggest problem I came across was that Flash doesn't cope particularly well when drawing the outlines using the tablet pen - there is quite a lot of lag. If anybody has any ideas on this I'd love to hear about them. Also I am looking for outlets to write articles on these techniques and processes, please drop me an email if you are looking for this type of content for your site/ magazine.



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