Friday, March 31, 2006

Visiting Microsoft in Redmond USA / Expression

I've been visiting Microsoft in the USA this week, amongst other things we've been discussing Web 2.0 technologies, most of which is under NDA but as information is made public I will keep you informed.

Something that Microsoft are currently promoting is their new suite of creative tools: 'Expression', well worth a look, In the next few weeks I'm hooking-up with Wayne Smith, Senior Product Manager for Microsoft responsible for the new Expression Web Designer product, so hopefully I will have some interesting info coming up on that product.

This morning I had a quick play with one of the cool features in Microsoft Expression Graphic Designer, it is called: 'Photo Montage', I took the following photos this morning of my colleague Dr. Neil, and used this automated feature to seemlessly blend the images into a panorama, the process took less than five minutes from start to finish... well worth a look!



Blogger Jason said...

Now THAT (photo-stitching) is impressive!

3:07 AM  

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