Friday, March 17, 2006

Ways to get creative with software development

Listen to this morning's Podcast with Dr. Neil Roodyn: Click Here

Show notes:

'Ways to get creative with software development'

Fantastic brands have a unique point of view, if you can establish your brand-alignment your product will become a circle that people want to join AND tell others about.

If you make branding a part of your product development you will: Increase the perceived value of your product, make your software easier to learn/use and broaden your market, increasing sales.

3 Goals:

1) Don’t set out to create a software tool – ‘Make a Place’
This creates an emotional tie between your product and your customer, great brands have practised this historically, an obvious example is the Apple iPod experience.

2) Keep usability at the forefront – pay special attention to buttons and navigation, Keep It Simple Stupid. Model techniques that the big software developers have used for navigation, they have invested millions of pounds getting it right. Where possible test your product on non-techies.

3) Stay focussed on your brand alignment and what your product is trying to achieve, take every opportunity to get your message across, this could include the packaging –even if it is a downloadable product it can have packaging – an installer screen for example.

Most importantly stay passionate about your products, all brand leaders have this in common!

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