Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Web 2.0 defined

UK Design mag: ‘Webdesigner’ have run a feature on Web 2.0, they asked leading industry experts what Web 2.0 means to them – here are the responses:

“If you missed out on Web 1.0, then here’s your second chance to be in the right place at the right time. That’s why Web 2.0 is extremely exciting. It’s not just for technology suppliers like Actinic. Online retailers are going to cash in big time. In Web 1.0 stores were dumb; they told you the price and they took your order. In Web 2.0, however, they’re smart and they relate to you. Imagine going to a clothes shop and only being shown what fitted and what was in stock. What if the store knew what you shouldn’t wear (making Trinny and Susannah redundant)? That would be better. It might even tell you what you could afford. The end result would be smart in every way.” Chris Barling, CEO, Actinic

“Web 2.0 will greater resemble the original concept of the internet, with ubiquitous access and easier interaction. Whilst Web 1.0 has been dominated by large corporate sites, Web 2.0 will be defined by the personal user, by their participation and by the collective intelligence that collaborative platforms will generate, Today’s teenage generation takes email, instant messaging, personal homepages and MMOs [multiplayer online games] already for granted. Web 2.0 is just a ‘signpost’ along the way to even more integrated digital lifestyles in the future. Andreas Gauger, CEO, 1&1 Internet

“The only thing new about Web 2.0 is the name. Everything claimed for the internet in the dotcom boom is now coming true, so perhapsthis new era should be called ‘Told you so’ 1.0. The curse of the dotcom boom was not that the ideas were wrong but that the orgy of money thrown at the birth of the web attracted the wrong kind of business player. Finally the web has entrenched itself in enough lives to start rewriting the rules. ‘The visionaries’ dreams of ‘free information’, ‘network computing’ and ‘business at the speed of thought’, are exploding into the mainstream from their early-adopter lairs.” Clem Chambers, CEO, ADVFN



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