Thursday, August 31, 2006

Toshiba M200/ PC World - the saga continues...

Incredibly PC World failed to return my Toshiba in proper working order, it was in fact returned with screws hanging out of the back of it, threaded into the casing, unbelievable! I returned the machine to one of there stores and am still being refused a replacement, even though I haven't had my laptop for nearly 8 weeks, incredible that they consider this good service.

The PC World instore/ online brand doesn't hold up at all, apparently if you buy something online but want help instore you'll be informed: 'that's a different company'. As the laptop was purchased over 14 days ago PC world are suggesting that they should repair it - how ironic.

Not sure what can be learnt from this episode, other than avoid the superstores and give your trade to the reliable smaller businesses.



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