Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Toshiba M200 - repair status.

I should have guessed that my colleagues ad co-tableteers, (Neil, Hugo), would only suffer so much complaining before taking things into their own hands and posting on my behalf, for which I do thank them because I have been far to friendly on this one, both PC World and Toshiba.

I have refrained from writing anything because I have found it difficult to write anything positive about the situation, I do have a few learning points which the ‘pc-buying’ community could learn from so here’s the facts:

Having had the Portégé for a couple of months and fallen for it, our relationship took a turn for the worse on July 3rd when the screen failed. Having taken advantage of a free extended warranty until 2009, (Registered online immediately after purchase), I called Toshiba, unfortunately they informed me that I would have to take this issue to the reseller, PC World.

Having spoken to 4 or 5 different departments within PC World, the laptop was finally collected for repair on July 17th, I was told that it would be returned within 5 working days.

Between July 21 and August 14th I called PC World no less than 9 times enquiring about the repair without one call back. I was told a number of different stories relating to my Portégé, ranging from multiple LCD screens failing to harnesses being required and Toshiba failing to deliver.

Finally on August 17th, I asked PC world how much they would be charging Toshiba, (Under warranty), for the repair, I was told that the bill would far exceed the cost of the laptop – dowahh!

On August 17th, I called Toshiba to let them know this, I also told them that I was an industry professional and it was getting extremely embarrassing, (for me and for them) that I was visiting the tablet team at Microsoft on business and having to explain why I was using a Mac Powerbook.

A helpful and efficient lady at Toshiba, Suzanne, took control of the situation and has been chasing PC World ever since, apparently the laptop will be returned today, before midday. If not I suppose that I will be writing to PC World for a refund, apparently if they take more than 6 weeks on one repair you are entitled to this... …I was told this by an in-store sales representative, I wonder if it will stand up?

OK, so here’s the positive learning points.

1- Don’t be lazy, get registered after purchase and take full advantage of extended warranties.

2- Talk directly to the manufacturer, even if at first they are not keen. I have managed to find a valuable ally in Suzanne, although I had to get past a few ‘gate-keepers’ first.

3- Journal everything, as soon as you find a fault start writing.



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