Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Flash on the beach...

I've been fortunate enough to take some time out and attend the 'Flash on
the Beach
' conference in Brighton, so far it has been a fantastic event with
some great speakers and a good vibe, here are some of my highlights...

It was a great keynote featuring Mike Downey, Mike Chambers & Mark Anders,
technologies that were presented included an overview of the Flex framework,
Apollo, (A kind of WPF equivalent), and 'Device Central' an application that is sure to make developments for mobile devices in flash a hell of a lot easier, allowing you to emulate and test in well designed GUI.

'Graig Swann's session on alternative methods of interaction with Flash was truly
inspiring and one of the most talked about sessions at the event, his passion
for his work is unbelievable. It focussed on kiosk-style use of flash and he
used all kinds of devices from microphones to webcams to tin foil to interact
with flash. His final slide featuring a quote from Einstein summed-up the

"Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life's coming

Aral Balkan had some interesting theories on workflow - based on XP.

Snow Dowd and Robert Reinhardt on 'writing your way to the top, was an inspiring and incredibly honest insight into the pros and cons of writing and the minefield of agents and publishers, check out more at:

John Harris presented Microsoft's new creative direction excellently, and
showcased their new portfolio of technology and software, 'blend' being the pick of the bunch, more info at:

Hillman Curtis
presented his recent work and his attitude towards his recent
video-for-web projects. It was an inspiration, yet again he has set the
benchmark for an emerging format, more info at:





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